Divinity Grounded

Meet Melanie

Hi, My name is Melanie.
I am so happy to share with the world, who I am and what I do.

meet melanie

There is Divinity within all of us,
and we can tap into this Divinity at anytime.

about melaine

My Story

I have spent a lot of time having fun learning, reading and exploring my love for aliens, syfy and esoteric knowledge since I was a little kid. I also experienced a lot of paranormal activity being sensitive and aware of energy and spirits in ways most people may not. My own curiosity lead me into exploring and searching for my own answers. Embarking on a journey I had no idea I was even headed on! But things really took off spiritually once I was pregnant with my daughter. That‘s when my dreams became very prophetic and I began receiving messages and guidance during the dream state. I dreamt of things that I couldn’t explain but drove me to dive deeper in understanding who I am and what I am capable of. As I learned more about my gifts it lead to me helping out friends and it allowed me to truly exercise what I was capable of and be able to apply what I’ve learned over the years. I felt like I truly knew how to pay attention to detail and was really great at helping people with astrology. That’s when I met a Psychic Medium, a Puerto Rican woman from Queens sometime around 2007. She asked me if “I believed” catching me off guard. “What do you mean?” I did believe. And that’s when she said that I have a whole tribe around me and that they‘re happy that I am here and pretty much ready to accept my true path in this life.

Discovering My Calling

That’s when I knew what my calling was, to help people with their experience here on earth. To tap into something we haven’t tapped into for a long time because for a long time we were told that magic is the devil’s work and that we shouldn’t mess with it. What didn’t help was the idea and concept of doing magic and what that meant for a person of color in the world. When people saw a person of color performing any sort of “magic” it was automatically labelled as voodoo and that voodoo was labelled as a bad thing. This conversation fused with me getting into massage therapy was when I truly felt motivated me and helped me see what I was really destined for. I wanted to show people that all sorts of magic and manifestation exists and that well-known traditions like voodoo was not to be just labelled as bad. People are divine and people are naturally magical. There is Divinity within all of us, and we can tap into this Divinity at anytime. There are a lot of stereotypes built behind healing and the traditions that come naturally to us. Spirituality and Psychic Mediums advertised behind a particular group of people and the reality is that Spirituality doesn’t just look like one thing, it comes in all different shapes and sizes and I am here to help people find what that means for them by sharing what I’ve learned and experienced over the years. I’m here to give you that push and reminder that we have Divinity within us ready to break free!! Lets show this world what we are truly capable of!

The divinity you seek is born with you.

— Abhijit Naskar