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Find the Divinity in You

Find the Divinity in You

Welcome to Divinty Grounded

I started off wanting to be a massage therapist who loved, explored and was into otherworldly things, my career path plus a session I had with a psychic truly blasted me off into my new path of healing and holistic work. It opened me up to the true power that I had, made me aware of my gifts and impeccable intuition, and helped showed me what I was truly capable of and on this planet to do.

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Mission Statement

My goal is to help individuals find the divinity within, and to not seek for anything outside of themselves.
I want to help teach people how to create, build and sustain a connection with themselves.
We live in a world of diversity and spirituality is something that has been taken away from us
leaving a lot of people feeling out of place.
I want to help those individuals figure out who they are and how they fit into the collective consciousness.

Summary of services

Summary of Services

  • Energy Healing
  • Spiritual Coaching
  • Mediumship — Psychic Readings
  • Class/Workshops
  • Products — Essential oils/ homemade sprays

Areas Served

New York Tristate Area
All services are also available remotely

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Email: divinitygroundedinc@gmail.com for an initial consultation.

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