Divinity Grounded

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Demystifying Mediumship

In this course you will learn how you are connected to Divine Guidance and the messages we are given from our Spirit Team, Angels, Guides, ancestors, and family members may be closer than you think.

We will discuss:


  • What is Mediumship and how it affects your body mentally, emotionally and physically.
  • How to listen and connect with your Spirit Team (What are you supposed to be hearing?).
  • Boundaries with Spirit (When is it okay to get these messages?), protection and prayer.
  • How to interpret where these messages are coming from.
  • How listening and feeling into your own energy will help the connection with Spirit.

Cost: $30
Time:  May 27 2021, 7pm-8:30pm EST
What you need: Notebook and Pen
Where: Online over zoom

Duration:  1.5 hours

Facilitators:  Melanie Milland & Sherry Biala

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